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Activism is Patriotic – At the Takoma Park, MD July 4th Parade

Thomas Nephew dressed as the Town Crier and talked with parade-goers about the FISA Amendment Act — “a terrible idea.”

Thomas Nephew of Takoma Park, MD

Thomas Nephew of Takoma Park, MD

(photo: Michelle Bailey)

Celebrate the US Constitution this 4th of July! Tell the US Senate and Barack Obama to get FISA right before voting Tuesday July 8th. Don’t let illegal wire-tappers off the hook!

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Without your help right now, a flawed FISA bill will give George Bush and the phone companies a pass next Tuesday for years of illegal spying on millions of US citizens.

What can you do to defend the Fourth Amendment? How about something easy, patriotic and fun?

(1) Call your Senators and especially Barack Obama and ask that they vote against the current FISA bill on Tuesday. Don’t let illegal wire-tappers off the hook!

Senator Cardin 202-224-4524
Senator Mikulski 202 224-4654
Barack Obama HQ 866-675-2008

(2) Visit “

Learn more and get active about this online – including how to join “Senator Obama – Please Vote NO on Telecom Immunity – Get FISA Right” groups at “facebook” and “”


Judge Rejects Bush’s View on Wiretaps


Eric Lichtblau, reporting for The New York Times, writes: “A federal judge in California said Wednesday that the wiretapping law established by Congress was the ‘exclusive’ means for the president to eavesdrop on Americans, and he rejected the government’s claim that the president’s constitutional authority as commander in chief trumped that law.”


A town hall meeting on Capitol Hill

On the morning of Thursday, September 20, over two dozen impeachment supporters from Takoma Park, Garrett Park, and elsewhere in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District crowded into a meeting room in Longworth House Office Building for a wide ranging discussion with Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

State Senator and constitutional expert Jamie Raskin and Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter were among the delegates, who also included Lisa Moscatiello, Thomas Nephew, and Hank Prensky from Takoma Park, Warren Kornberg and Jim Agenbroad from Garrett Park, and Alan McConnell from Silver Spring, to name but a few.

Rep. Van Hollen was presented with a folder containing the Takoma Park City Council impeachment resolution, a list of signatories for the Garrett Park referendum, the agenda and attendance list for the meeting, prepared statements by several of the delegates, books on impeachment by Elizabeth Holtzman and John Conyers and his Judiciary Committee staff — and, in a small gesture he appreciated, a small box of “Impeachmints” candy bought at “Now and Then.”

What came next was basically a town hall meeting on Capitol Hill. Continue reading ‘A town hall meeting on Capitol Hill’

Video: Takoma Park, MD citizens organize to Impeach Them!

Takoma Park, MD citizens organize to Impeach Them! The city council unanimously passes a resolution to Impeach Pres. Bush and VP Cheney. Includes citizen interviews before and after the vote, citizen comments during the hearing and the council vote. – 2nd Edition with soundtrack. TRT approximately 45mins.

Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter Talks Impeachment on MSNBC with Tucker Carlson.


Carlson is worried that our resolution is somehow crossing the line between local and federal issues. You remember that passage in the Constitution about “separation of local and federal government,” right??

Tucker: Some years ago, when Takoma Park declared itself a nuclear free zone, there was some concern that Takoma Park was going to create an army or a militia or something and, kind of, strike out on its own. Is that—in the cards?

Mayor Porter. [pause] No.

Watch Video. Read MSNBC intro.

Citizen statements about impeachment

Prior to yesterday’s unanimous Takoma Park City Council approval of an impeachment resolution, citizens of Takoma Park and neighboring areas made statements to the City Council during the public comment period. A video of the meeting and these statements is available on the Takoma Park web site.

We’ll use this space to publish all statements we get a go-ahead for from the speaker, who we can identify either by his/her full name or his/her initials. (PS: transcribing is time consuming work, and we’d like to get some help transcribing the statements when there’s no prepared electronic file to work with.) Statements are in the same order as at the hearing, and currently include those by Thomas Nephew, Lisa Moscatiello, Jay Levy, Anita Burkam, and Felicia Eberling.

We’ll also use this space for separately prepared statements, such as those delivered by e-mail to the City Council and shared with us; these will be in the order we receive them. So watch this space… there were a lot of good comments.

Continue reading ‘Citizen statements about impeachment’

Impeachment resolution approved, improved

As reported in the prior post, the Takoma Park City Council unanimously approved — and improved — a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Sponsoring councilmember Reuben Snipper was joined by councilmembers Seamens, Barry, Williams, and Mayor Kathy Porter in the 5-0 vote. Councilmembers Austin-Lane and Clay were out of town.*

The original resolution was amended by Councilmember Seamens — without objection — to also recommend that the county council and state legislature pass impeachment resolutions, and to urge Takoma Park residents to write Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Senator Ben Cardin, and Senator Barbara Mikulski asking them to support impeachment. (Link to text of amended resolution forthcoming.)

Continue reading ‘Impeachment resolution approved, improved’

Impeachment Resolution Passes Unanimously!!!

tpimpeach.jpgMonday Night the Takoma Park, MD City Council UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution calling on Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney.

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