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Join us at the September 15th demonstration

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On Saturday, September 15, tens of thousands of people from across the country will gather at 12 noon at the White House (north side in Lafayette Park) and then march to the Capitol (west side) to call for an end to the Iraq war — and for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. A map of the march route and other event details can be found here.

Join us for a quick coffee and breakfast at either Savory Cafe (the one at 7071 Carroll Avenue, up the hill from the gazebo in Takoma Park) around 10:30 am, and then we will walk down to the Metro together. Bring your IMPEACH THEM signs, banners, t-shirts etc. (If you miss us and want to try to find us at the demonstration, call 240-462-5973.)

Speaker and march co-chairman Ramsey Clark strongly supports impeachment, and the impeachment group is a major co-sponsor of the demonstration. Clark:

Each and every one of us must do all that we can to support the major Peace/Impeachment demonstration in Washington, DC on September 15, 2007, backed by more than a million votes for impeachment, and accelerating… Only if we do our part might the rest of the world again believe, as it usually has, and has always wanted to do, that the American people are their friends, it is their government that is the problem.

Clark also makes his case for impeachment at the web site.


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