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Press Release: Takoma Park, MD City Council to Hold Impeachment Vote on Monday, July 23rd

seal100.jpgOn Monday, July 23rd at 7:30 P.M. the Takoma Park, MD City Council will vote on a resolution that calls for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Cheney and President Bush. If the measure passes, Takoma Park will become the first municipality in the Washington, DC area to pass an impeachment resolution. Currently eighty towns and cities across the country have passed impeachment resolutions, including Detroit, MI, San Francisco, CA, Chapel Hill, NC, several towns in Vermont and, most recently, West Hollywood, CA. The Rules of the House of Representatives allow Congress to accept petitions from state and local governments, which are then recorded by the Clerk of the House in the Congressional Journal.

This past April, Takoma Park residents began meeting weekly to discuss ways to advance impeachment on both the national and local level. One of the first events the group held was a forum with State Senator Jamie Raskin to discuss the constitutional principles behind impeachment and the political aspects of the process. The purpose of this event was to help counteract what group member Lisa Moscatiello views as some of the myths surrounding the impeachment process.

“One of the misconceptions is that the measure has no chance of passing, since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared impeachment off limits following the November elections. Since that time, the mood of the country has changed, due to frustration over Congress’ inability to end the war and outrage over the Administration’s refusal to cooperate with Congressional hearings. Congressional offices are now reporting being inundated with calls from constituents. Members are starting to realize that if they are to retain their seats in Congress they need to respond to these calls. There are now thirteen cosponsors to a bill in Congress to impeach Vice President Cheney. Among the cosponsors are Rep. Al Wynn of Maryland and Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia. And the fact that an increasing number of voices calling for impeachment are coming from the right indicates that it is not about party politics. It’s about first principles, that we are a country ruled by laws and not by the whims of individuals.”

The Takoma Park resolution cites the following as grounds for impeaching the President and Vice President:

  • Conspiring to lead the country into war based on false information.
  • Using electronic surveillance against U.S. citizens without warrant, in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
  • Breaching the Federal Torture Act, the Geneva Conventions and the UN Torture Convention
  • Stripping Americans of their constitutional rights by detaining them indefinitely without trial or access to legal counsel
  • Infringing on legislative powers granted solely to Congress in the Constitution, by issuing presidential signing statements that void sections of laws passed by Congress.


The Takoma Park City Council vote on the impeachment resolution will take place on Monday, July 23rd at 7:30 P.M in the Takoma Park Municipal Building at 7500 Maple Avenue.

For more information: (202) 256-1764 or see


West Hollywood is #80


Last night the City Council of West Hollywood, CA became the 80th municipal government in the U.S. to pass an impeachment resolution against the President and Vice President. See video here

The news commentator shown in this clip makes the gratuitous (and erroneous) observation that impeachment has “zero chance” of passing in Congress since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opposes it. Although the Speaker’s power to grant coveted spots on House Committees makes Members of the House reluctant to oppose her, they must also weigh the risk of losing their seats in Congress if they ignore the wishes of their constituents. Recent events such as the President’s commutation of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison sentence and the Administration’s refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas have tipped the balance in favor of impeachment for several House members, and the list of cosponsors for H Res 333 to impeach the Vice President is rapidly growing. Two of the fourteen to have joined the list in the past ten weeks are from the DC area – Rep. Al Wynn of Maryland and Rep. Jim Moran of Northern Virginia.

Takoma Park Impeachment Resolution

We have drafted a resolution for the city council to consider. Our sponsor will put it on the agenda and then they will schedule a session to consider passing the resolution. This will not get passed without your support. Here’s what you can do:

  • Contact your Council members and the mayor and tell them your thoughts. (phone calls or in person)
  • Come to the city council resolution vote – July 23rd, 7:30PM, Takoma Community Center 7500 Maple Ave.
  • Help with petitioning.
  • Tell all of your friends and neighbors.
  • Call Speaker Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-0100
  • Call Van Hollen: (202) 225-5341
  • Display an Impeach Him Them yard sign (send us an email if you’d like one)

Together we can do this!

Read resolution here>>

Readers to Washington Post: Constitution is No Laughing Matter

WASHINGTON, DC: Hundreds of outraged readers flooded The Washington Post on Wednesday with web comments on Dana Milbank’s dismissive column about Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach the Vice President. The Post’s decision to place the satirical article on page A-2 rather than in the Op-Ed pages or in the the Style section exhibits a dramatic departure from the tradition of journalistic objectivity.

The article reads like an item in an undergraduate campus newspaper. From the first line Milbanks makes no attempt to hide his contempt for the Congressman. It begins with an attempt at irony: “I do not stand alone,” Dennis Kucinich said as he stood, alone, in front of a cluster of microphones yesterday evening.

The column includes no information on the content of the Articles of Impeachment, nor does it even include the resolution’s bill number (H. Res 333) for those readers interested in seeing for themselves what Milbanks finds so hilarious about the bill. Instead, Milbank chooses to disparage the Congressman’s appearance, referring more than once to his small stature, and even making a bizarre conjecture at Kucinich’s hair product of choice.

The Post’s editors must have assumed that its readers would pile on to be included in the fraternity prank. Instead, the response to this Imus-esque misreading of public sentiment was over fifteen pages of comments, most of them from readers who were astonished and offended by the tone of the article, many of them calling for Milbanks’ termination from the paper. As rant wrote on April 2:… illustrated by the dismissive tone of this article, Reporters seem to think that no treason, even dragging America into a war under false premises, is too large it cant be overlooked if it goes against what the word in the cocktail party circuit is in Washington.

To read the piece in its entirety, comments included, see Kucinich’s Battle Against Cheney Not So (Im) Peachy Keen.

Kucinich Prepares Impeachment Articles Against Dick Cheney

Kucinich Prepares Impeachment Articles Against Dick Cheney

Monday, April 23, 2007,2933,267968,00.html

Q&A with Sen. Jamie Raskin on IMPEACHMENT

Thrusday, April 26th 8PM

Montgomery College (Takoma Park Campus)

Science North 100 Lecture Hall

Takoma Park, MD

Info call 202 256-1764

Takoma Park Meetup

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