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Last night, significant news broke that directly impacts our push for Impeachment Hearings and a possible Inherent Contempt charge for Bush Administration officials such as Karl Rove:

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has revealed in his upcoming book that:

• Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Vice President Cheney lied about their role in revealing the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson – actions easily amounting to obstruction of Justice.

McClellan also admitted that:

• There was a coordinated effort within the Bush Administration to use propaganda to pump up the case for the Iraq war and hide the projected costs of the war from the public.

Scott McClellan must be called to testify under oath before the House Judiciary Committee to tell Congress and the American people everything he knows about this massive effort by the White House to deceive this nation into war.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has the power to move impeachment legislation through Congress. Call him now and urge him to get on the right side of history before it’s too late! (202) 225-3951 — For those who want to make additional calls, please call your congressional representatives today – Demand impeachment hearings and accountability – Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-2131 , (800) 828-0498

Last week, a subpoena was issued for Karl Rove to testify before the Judiciary Committee. It appears he will take every legal action to block this subpoena. The truth is that Congress has the right – and obligation – to hold him accountable now – not months or years from now. It is long past time to pass Inherent Contempt and bring Rove, Libby and others before Congress.

We simply cannot ignore these recent developments, nor should we postpone serious inquiry until after the next election.

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Mission accomplished! — “Responsible Plan” dropped off at Van Hollen’s office

Hank Prensky, Julius West, Michelle Bailey, Joy Austin-LaneOn Thursday morning, May 1 — the 5th anniversary of Bush’s notorious “Mission Accomplished” speech — Michelle Bailey, Hank Prensky, Joy Austin-Lane and I (Thomas Nephew) paid a short visit to Congressman Chris Van Hollen’s local office. Our mission — to bring our Congressman a copy of “A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq,” and discuss it with his staff.

We met with Van Hollen staff member Julius West in Van Hollen’s Hyattsville office on New Hampshire Avenue. We introduced the plan as a comprehensive legislative agenda calling for a complete exit from Iraq, with no permanent bases, and a “diplomatic offensive” to gain support from countries neighboring Iraq. The plan also calls for aid to Iraqi refugees, health and education benefits for veterans, reforms in the military, and reforms of the political process that has let the Bush administration get away with so many high crimes and misdemeanors — and often identifies specific, pending legislation that will help achieve those goals.

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