Update: John Nirenberg – March in My Name

All this week John has been visiting congress members to urge them to start impeachment hearings. He will continue meetings next week and asks us to keep the calls to congress coming. On Wednesday evening we met with him and David Swanson. They both said that our calls and our support are really making an impact.Please view:


2 Responses to “Update: John Nirenberg – March in My Name”

  1. 1 Bob Bogen January 26, 2008 at 12:40 am

    Your sad account of Congressional visits was painful to read.

    I’ve never done a walk like yours and had hoped to walk a while with you when in Westchester County.

    But I’ve been in many Congressional offices going back to my own Congressman from California, Richard Nixon, and well understand the frustration, particularly after your magnificent walk effort.

    The group I now chair in northern Westchester has been on this case since we formed a couple of years ago, originally as a MoveOn Grass-Roots Council vigil group, weekly vigils for many months. We work with the Hudson Valley for Impeachment Group and over 20 other groups north and west of the NY metro region.

    Our current effort is with an ad-hoc committee of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Democratic Caucus [the large majority of the Board] that has been appointed to draft a statement dealing with impeachment hearings to our three Congressional Representatives.

    As you may know over 200 local elected bodies around the country have passed such statements. If we get action by this group, we hope it will encourage other county boards and local boards to follow. In fact, as you may know, one county farther up the Hudson River has passed such a resolution, as well as one local community board.

    Of course the objective is to feel free to encourage our Congressional delegation to push the Judicial Committee to start hearings.

    It is slow going, but we feel results are likely within a week of so. We emphasize urgency, against those who say can’t we just get along until a new administration next year, by reminding the lives lost and billions lost each week in Iraq, as well as all the Constitutional and other crucial issues.

    If you could use more info on our work, feel free to Reply.

    Thanks again for your inspiring witness!

  2. 2 Bob Bogen January 26, 2008 at 12:53 am

    On the chance my address was not forwarded to you:

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