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Justice Dept. Accused of Blocking Gonzales Probe | Jan. 29

“The government agency that enforces one of the principal laws aimed at keeping politics out of the civil service has accused the Justice Department of blocking its investigation into alleged politicizing of the department under former Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales.”

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First MSM coverage of John Nirenberg! Currently on CBS home page! | Jan. 27, 2008

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, On Foot

Vermonter Who Walks 480 Miles to Deliver Message Of Impeachment Finds Dismay In D.C.


Screen capture showing John on the CBS home page.

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Poll: Vermont Wants Bush, Cheney Impeached
Nearly Two-Thirds Of State’s Likely Voters Want President, VP Removed Before Term Ends

935 Reasons for Impeachment | Jan/08

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration’s top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

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Update: John Nirenberg – March in My Name

All this week John has been visiting congress members to urge them to start impeachment hearings. He will continue meetings next week and asks us to keep the calls to congress coming. On Wednesday evening we met with him and David Swanson. They both said that our calls and our support are really making an impact.Please view:

Impeach supporters join John Nirenberg for the last 5 miles of his historic walk from Boston to DC

Yesterday, we joined John for the final leg of his historic march from Boston to Washington, DC to urge Congress to hold impeachment hearings on Bush and Cheney. It was great meeting John, his wife Allyson and so many other wonderful people who came to the march & rally yesterday. Impeach supporters from many other states as well as the DC area were there. We had a bit of trouble being asked to leave the National Arboretum and some of us were turned away at the Constitution. (this issue is on fire! see links below)

John asked us all to remember that this is not over, being here is just the first part. The second part is carrying this message to congress which he asks us to do and which he intends to do this week and next.

From our citizen media producers: Links to blogs, photos/videos and news coverage as we get them will be added here. So far we have:

John’s request of us: John will attempt to meet with Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers this week. John asks that we call their offices and urge them to meet with him and of course to ask them to put impeachment on the table. Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-2131 , (800) 828-0498.

Update 1/15: John is meeting with Congressman Wexler.

Update 1/14: John is meeting with the Judiciary Committee Staff on Monday. Please call them! (800) 828-0498, (800) 862-5530, (800) 833-6354 – Use this handy list of Judiciary Committee member names. Just ask the operator to connect you to the office of your choice.

Join the Impeachment March in DC this Saturday, January 12th!

On Saturday, January 12, sixty year-old patriot John Nirenberg will walk the final leg of his historic march from Boston to Washington, DC to urge Congress to hold impeachment hearings on Bush and Cheney. Join us as we welcome him to DC with a march to the seat of the original U.S. Constitution at the National Archives. To find out more about John, read his blog entries, and track his progress, go to
For those who want to walk 5.7 miles with John, see 1) National Arboretum route; For those who want to walk 1.42 miles with John (or who are coming by train or Metrorail), see 2) Union Station route; for those who only want to participate in the rally following the march, see 3) National Archives Rally.
1) National Arboretum Route
Approximate start time: 9:00 am
Distance: 5.7 miles
Estimated walk time: Three hours
Meetup point: Parking lot of New York Avenue side of the Arboretum (see map)
Public transportation: No direct Metrorail access. Take Metro to Stadium Armory stop; B2 Metrobus stops two blocks from Arboretum. See directions.
Driving: Lots of parking spaces available (but remember that you’ll have to have a way back to get your car!). See directions.
Description of site: Open to the public at 8:00 am. Beautiful grounds. Restrooms in Visitors’ Center. No food sold anywhere on site.
2) Union Station Route
Approximate start time: 11:30 am
Approximate walking distance to National Archives: 1.42 miles
Approximate walking time: 45 minutes
Public transportation: For Metrorail, take Red Line to Union Station. For Amtrak and commuter trains, Union Station is the main terminal for Washington, DC. Very easy.
Driving directions and parking info: Some paid parking; very limited street parking.
Description of site: Spectacular building with many shops, food vendors, restrooms. Heavy tourist traffic. Bring lots of signs!
3. National Archives Rally
Estimated Start time: 12:30 pm
Meetup point: Constitution Avenue side of building
Public transportation: Take Metrorail Green or Yellow line to Archives/Navy Memorial stop.
Driving: Don’t do it!!
Description of site: Located on National Mall, near Smithsonian, National Gallery. Limited food options.

For further information on the march, lodging suggestions, volunteer opportunities, and information on related activities being planned,

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