Why Isn’t Impeachment Getting More Traction?

Excellent article in yesterday’s Las Vegas Sun by Lisa Mascaro. It explores the infuriating Catch-22 between the media, the Congress, the pollsters and the public.

Here’s an excerpt. One wonders what pollster Keeter considers an appropriate level of ‘maturity in the public discourse’ before a topic merits a national poll:

At the offices of the Pew Research Center in Washington, Scott Keeter’s in box gets jammed up every so often with hundreds of e-mails asking him to poll on impeachment.

Pew and other pollsters say they have never seen anything like it – the impeachment movement is pleading for a clear assessment of its numbers.

Keeter said there’s a lively debate in the polling community about whether to ask the question, but Pew has declined. The issue does not appear to be concrete enough, Keeter said, and the organization is loath to query Americans on a topic that hasn’t matured in the public discourse in a way that gives respondents enough information to form opinions.

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1 Response to “Why Isn’t Impeachment Getting More Traction?”

  1. 1 Pit Boss September 22, 2007 at 4:49 pm

    I believe there are many americans who don’t believe that impeachment can be accomplished, especially after the democratic win that proved almost fruitless.

    On top of that, the movement is seen as a fringe. I would guess only 10% of supporters would actually march. We need the energy to go into pins, bumper stickers, wristbands and the like.

    We follow trends. If we see more people, especially friends and colleagues showing their support, we are likely to ask more. Marchers and protesters are preaching to the choir and cause us to appear as a fringe movement. That is why i started http://www.inapeach.com. A different subtle way to get friends and colleagues to ask questions. Strangers won’t.

    Bush is on the verge of walking away unscathed. Don’t let him.

    Pit Boss

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