If Only Congress Had the Courage of Jeffery and Nicole Rank


Jeffery and Nicole Rank recently settled with the federal government for $80,000 in the federal lawsuit they filed against the Secret Service. The couple was ousted in handcuffs from a Fourth of July Presidential speech in 2004 by order of the Secret Service. Their crime: Refusing to cover t-shirts they were wearing that expressed anti-Bush statements. The federal government has admitted no wrongdoing.

An article in today’s Washington Post reveals the existence of a “Presidential Advance Manual” marked Sensitive–Do not copy that contains instructions for volunteers on how to identify and silence dissenters in a crowd. The Ranks are American heroes who had the courage to fight for our First Amendment rights. Nicole Rank even lost her FEMA job as a result of their arrest (she has since been reinstated). We need to demand that our members of Congress become willing to risk THEIR jobs to defend the constitution. They did, after all, swear an oath to do so when they took office.


1 Response to “If Only Congress Had the Courage of Jeffery and Nicole Rank”

  1. 1 Michelle Bailey August 24, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    True Heros

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