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Thirty-three years ago this week – Article in AM New York


Elizabeth Holtzman is the youngest woman ever elected to the U.S. Congress, and 33 years ago Monday she voted to impeach President Richard M. Nixon.

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Great books by Liz Holtzman* : The Impeachment of George W. Bush and Who Said It Would Be Easy: One Woman’s Life in the Political Arena.
*with Cyntha Cooper.


UPDATE on CNN YouTube Debate – CNN Failed Us

CNN is congratulating itself profusely for its YouTube debate, and they showed a lot of excellent questions. But they refused to show the #1 video as voted on by visitors to CommunityCounts. The hands-down winning question was on impeachment.

# 1 Question

Impeachment ? Censored CNN/Youtube Debate: Askers Response

Takoma IBC Interviewed on WOL Sunday

talking.jpgThunder Williams and Penny Gamble-Williams radio discuss Takoma Park impeachment vote tomorrow at 11: 00 am on WOL Radio 1450 am the Talking Feather Program.

The Talking Feather” radio program is broadcast Sunday,11am- Noon, EST, on Radio One, WOL – 1450 AM and streams live @ www.

The Talking Feather program is a blended format of “call-in” talk and radio magazine. We showcase the cultural blends of the Global Village and amplify community voices. We highlight achievements and challenges facing Native American, African American and Indigenous people throughout the world.

The program’s moniker, “Talking Feather” is symbolic of the practices of Indigenous cultures of Turtle Island that held council in a circle and passed the “talking feather” to a speaker while all others listened attentively.

Penny Gamble Williams, host of The Talking Feather was the elected Sachem (1995-2002), and is currently Spiritual Leader of the Chappaquiddick Band of the Wampanoag Nation. Thunder Williams, executive producer and co-host brings a blend of cultures to the airwaves including “Carib” ancestry from his homeland, Trinidad and Tobago.

We began our broadcast in January 2000. From October 2001 to March 2004, the program was simulcast on XM Satellite Radio, Channel 169. We have enjoyed the strong and loyal support of our listening audience for more than seven years of continuous broadcasting on Radio One.

Join our Indigenous circle,

Let Us pass the Talking Feather to You.

Call Us @ 1- 800-450-7876

BREAKING: Van Hollen against “consuming the entire resources and efforts of Congress” on impeachment

On a conference call with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) supporters today, our Congressman and DCCC chairman Chris Van Hollen said he was against supporting impeachment.

A caller asked about “Congress’s constitutional responsibility to impeach,” adding “How much further abuse will be required for Democratic leadership to take action?”

Representative Van Hollen replied that Democrats have “stepped up from Day 1” and that they’re now in a “big fight” over the process of how U.S. Attorneys are hired and fired, and are now using subpoena power to try to compel testimony about that matter.

However, he did not want to “consume the entire resources and efforts” of Congress on impeachment. He claimed that impeachment would “would indisputably be the whole [focus] of Congress,” and that with the amount of time remaining before the next election, that would hinder Democrats’ ability to move forward on other things. He closed by reiterating the talking point that he did not want to “consume the entire resources of Congress on impeachment.”

Neither the caller nor Rep. Van Hollen mentioned Monday’s Takoma Park city council vote recommending impeachment.

Watch this space for links to any recordings, transcripts, or corroborating links that become available.

BREAKING: Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin to sponsor impeachment resolution

Valerie and Thomas at OTRA meeting
Photo by Seth Grimes

At a Wednesday evening Old Takoma Residents Association (OTRA) meeting, Montgomery County Councilmember Valerie Ervin said she would be happy to sponsor an impeachment resolution like the one Takoma Park passed on Monday.

She and her aides will be studying the Takoma Park impeachment resolution (.PDF file), which urges “our elected members of the Montgomery County Council, the Montgomery County Executive, the Maryland legislature and the Governor to consider and adopt similar resolutions.”

Takoma Park vote featured on Keith Olbermann show

Lisa Moscatiello speaks at July 23 impeachment vote hearing

The Takoma Park impeachment vote has become emblematic of historically low approval ratings for President Bush, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said tonight. From the blurb for the segment, titled “Bush approval ratings continue to dwindle”:

A new poll finds that 65 percent of Americans, disapprove of Bush’s performance as president. Many communities are attempting to impeach both the president and vice president.

That would be us. Olbermann:

…so little surprise, perhaps, that Takoma Park, Maryland’s city council this week voted unanimously to impeach both Mr. Bush and of course Mr. Cheney as well. It became the 81st municipality to do so.

Watch video

Takoma Park Mayor Kathy Porter Talks Impeachment on MSNBC with Tucker Carlson.


Carlson is worried that our resolution is somehow crossing the line between local and federal issues. You remember that passage in the Constitution about “separation of local and federal government,” right??

Tucker: Some years ago, when Takoma Park declared itself a nuclear free zone, there was some concern that Takoma Park was going to create an army or a militia or something and, kind of, strike out on its own. Is that—in the cards?

Mayor Porter. [pause] No.

Watch Video. Read MSNBC intro.

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