Magpie letter……

Hey Lisa, Thank you for speaking for so many of us here in Takoma Park. We are leaving town tomorrow until the 17th, but we want to lend our voice, support and names to the cause.

We won’t be able to sign a petition in person, but we think it’s time Takoma Park joined the growing chorus of people from all around the country calling for the impeachment of the Bush administration. The high crimes that have been committed by these scoundrels are obvious to anyone who is paying attention, including many in their own party and many who continue to deny it. Their party had the audacity to impeach President Clinton over personal betrayal and personal indiscretion. By contrast Bush and company flagrantly lied to the nation and the world, used their lies to drag us into an elective war, continue to deny their lies, and those lies have resulted in the deaths of three and a half thousand Americans and countless Iraqi citizens. Those are the kinds of crimes for which impeachment is meant. The people must act. The people must lead and the leaders will follow. Eighteen more months in office is too much time and power to give to these criminals.

We have written and performed this past weekend at the Washington Folk Festival a new song entitled “Haul Them All Off to Jail.” We’d be happy to sing it for any planned actions after we return over Father’s Day weekend.

Greg Artzner & Terry Leoninoa.k.a. Magpie


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