Letter in today’s Seattle Times says it all

No separation of power

Editor, The Times:

After the Democrats took over Congress, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pledged “impeachment is off the table,” assuming that President Bush would now seek a bipartisan accommodation. Events rapidly showed she was delusional.

Now, after preparing an emasculated version of the Iraq war bill, she has threatened to take the president to court if he resorts to a signing statement to circumvent it. All this will do is achieve a court ruling saying it’s perfectly constitutional for a president to use signing statements to ignore laws passed by the Congress.

Bush has argued that, since he is commander in chief, all legislative, judicial and executive power are in his control for as long as there is the threat of terrorism. Basically, the separation of powers no longer exists in America. This is blatant abuse of power, and it is Congress, not the courts, that has the responsibility to take corrective action.

This is precisely why the founders of our nation included an impeachment clause in the Constitution. Impeachment is the only way Bush can be contained for his egregious use of signing statements, by which he has invalidated many laws (or parts of laws) passed by Congress since 2001.

— Robert Alan Wright, Yakima


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