Q&A with Sen. Jamie Raskin on IMPEACHMENT

Thrusday, April 26th 8PM

Montgomery College (Takoma Park Campus)

Science North 100 Lecture Hall

Takoma Park, MD

Info call 202 256-1764


2 Responses to “Q&A with Sen. Jamie Raskin on IMPEACHMENT”

  1. 2 Ken Wyner May 18, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    Thanks Sue,
    Very well said. This is no joke! If anyone has missed it by now. This administration is clearly manipulating EVERYTHING. I will give them a lot more than most liberals. This is the most sophisticated hostile corporate takeover of our entire history. These wickedly creative & “intelligent” people who have used the left & right to deceive & intimidate the center.
    Whether impeachment happens or not, all acts of strength, conviction, self empowering & individual rights are certainly a welcome breath of fresh air in these times. The scenario that has been mentioned as to the picture of what might happen ten months from now is quite accurate. The reason there has been no terrorist attacks, are they are not needed yet…..
    There is no paranoia in stating very clearly that seven years of torture, intimidation, secret deals with dictators & terrorists, and a complete, callous use of the masses, through planted media & advertising, which has served a very clear purpose, to make billions of dollars off of oil, pharmaceuticals, & lobbying, & the military/industrial/complex
    Please do make a difference this time. The environment needs you, the impoverished & oppressed people of the world need you, the lonely young men & women in dark, very scary prisons need you, your children being fed red dye number one, genetic feeds, & tainted meats need you. IT is time to be honest & take a stand! Write your councilpeoples, your lawyers, your senators, your teachers………..MAKE A NOISE FOR THE TRUTH!!
    Ken Wyner
    Kenneth M Wyner Photography Inc.
    as posted in discussions on the nothtakoma listserv
    I am completely there, for impeachment talk, proceedings etc. send me signs etc. This is a very important mental tool to help support all of us feeling human beings who have been suffering during this rein of terror & general meaness towards ANT thoughtful approach to ANY of the serious issues in the world!

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